“If My People … Pray” – 2 Chron. 7:14



Hearts on Fire for God…

We believe God is growing in His people in Herefordshire a heart for seeking Him in continual, heartfelt, prayer, for His Kingdom to come here in this city, in our nation, and throughout the world. We believe, if we heed this call to pray, God could pour out His Holy Spirit in such measure that even thousands come to know Jesus, and every aspect of society is transformed. Indeed, can we even conceive of what God would pour out here if His people sought after Him with all their hearts?

Locally, we’re seeking a community of followers of Jesus who seek to go all-out in prayer. Globally, we’re part of a movement all over the world, with thousands of prayer meetings, prayer rooms and praying individuals active right this second, seeking God’s Spirit just as we are. What might God pour out if we have this sort of prayer here in Hereford?


A) Prayer Meetings in Churches Across Herefordshire

We long to follow the example of the first disciples by gathering together across the county to seek God’s will for His people here. Churches of all kinds are opening up their prayer meetings to anyone who’d like to come – so why not try out somewhere new? We’re looking for people to go to churches and meet brothers and sisters in Christ they’ve never met before in this city.

See below to show the prayer meetings regularly organised in churches across Hereford. Get in touch with us if there are any corrections needed, or if your church runs anything you’d like to add to the list! (See contact form at bottom of page.)



B) Book the Prayer room anytime:

We have a dedicated prayer room in the St Barnabas Centre, Hereford, which anyone is welcome to use. If you’d like to come along, just fill in the below chart for any hour-long prayer shifts you can do, and you’ll get an e-mail with more details of how to access. Feel free to choose a slot that’s already been taken (if it’s not booked exclusively). We’d so love to have as many people keeping this wave of prayer going as possible!

(By the way, you sign up with your name and e-mail on the below timetable. Don’t worry, your e-mail is not publicly accessible – that’s only viewable to the prayer room organisers to ensure we can get in touch. Feel free to use your initials or just your first name if you don’t want your full name.)



C) Hereford Revival Hour:

From 1st July, those with a particular heart for seeking hard after God to revive His people, and pour out His Holy Spirit on the whole county and nation, are committing to praying daily for revival. As part of this, as many of us who can make it want to gather together daily in the Upper Room prayer room, 7-8am (before the busyness of the day really begins!) – to seek God for revival and see what He might be saying to us in response.

It’s meant to be radical and a ramping-up of commitment to pray so we can really fight for this and see God move… as meetings for prayer have been the forerunner of every great revival through history.

The central heart of this is to commit to praying for revival every single day. Of course, I myself know that many of us can’t make it to the prayer room every single day – so just come along whenever you can. The important thing is the prayer every day! If you can’t make the 7-8am slot at the prayer room at all, please don’t worry – you’re very welcome to join us in prayer at home whenever you can, or from your church fellowship, or sign up to come along to the prayer room any other time. If you feel led, please start your own prayer meetings – this would be amazing!

If you can make it, here’s a few ideas of how the 7-8am meetings at the prayer room could work:

What? We’re focussing on praying for revival – that is, for God to pour out His Holy Spirit powerfully in this city, county and nation, and to breathe glorious new life into His people, and for many thousands to come to know and adore Jesus themselves!

Sign up: Please sign up for any days in July you can do at the prayer room 7-8am on the form above – just so we can have an idea of who’s coming along each day! Any issues with the electronic form, just use the other form at the bottom of this page and let us know when you can make it.

Format? We’re not planning any formal structure, or leader, for these prayer meetings – just whoever turns up, let’s pray as God leads us.

Spread the word: For this to be really powerful we need people to spread the word! If your heart is also on fire for this vision, tell your church and home group, bring a friend, share on Facebook – let’s really seek to move the heart of God in this!

Come on let’s do this! There are literally dozens of Christians in this city with a heart to see revival come here again in this nation and we really believe how God is already moving us to pray together is the early sign of this outpouring of new life.

As A.T. Pierson concluded, “There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer.”​



Any more questions?

If you’ve any questions, or would like to hear about even more ways to get involved (e.g. decorating the prayer room), just fill in the form below, or e-mail Elliot at curate@spsj.org.uk. Elliot or one of the 24/7 team shall get back to you as soon as possible by e-mail, if possible within 2 days: