How can I get involved?

1) Pray yourself:

This is most important of all – God calls us to spend time with Him ourselves, however we might do that. Jesus used to go to isolated places on mountains to spend time with the Father. Where is your mountaintop?

2) Join new prayer meetings:

Revivals in Wales and the Hebrides in the 20th century began with people zealously seeking God in prayer meetings. There is so much power in praying together – and we really encourage people to think outside the box and try something outside their normal church!
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3) Join us in 24/7 Prayer:

From Thurs 26 May (Ascension) to Sun 5 June (Pentecost) in 2022 we’re seeking our Lord in 24/7 Prayer from home and in the Upper Room in St Barnabas, Hereford, and we’d love you to be involved. Who knows what God could pour out if we seek Him with this intensity?
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“When God intends to bless His people, the first thing He does is to set them a-praying.”

– Matthew Henry