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Our map is not (yet!) complete, so if there’s a prayer meeting you know about that anyone can go to (not only people within that church), then please let us know about it here and we’ll add it to the map!

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Our Prayer Map:

Where are people praying in Herefordshire?

Below is our latest map of prayer meetings happening in this county. Why not consider joining a prayer meeting outside your normal church? Or if you know of a prayer meeting not listed here, why not add it?

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St Peter\'s Church: 52.056363, -2.713827
St James Church: 52.050313, -2.708731
Oasis Church: 52.066457, -2.704482
The Forge: 52.041082, -2.703066
Freedom Prayer Runs: 52.058352, -2.709471
Christian Life Church - Sunday Prayer: 52.063044, -2.717775
Hereford Baptist: 52.057831, -2.711338
Vennture Prayer Walk (15 May): 52.056779, -2.713016
Challenge Community Church: 52.048304, -2.721291