April 9, 2020
HerefordHogs on Twitter

In other more happy news, Bishop Richard Jackson now has three friendly hedgehogs living in his garden, next to the Cathedral... Spine-tingling stuff!

Could this be Hereford's answer to Llandudno's ... See more

“We are l to r Sprout, the Bishop and Scratchy. I (the Bishop) am a girl (obviously), hoping to be a diocesan pioneer in this regard ⁦@HerefordDiocese⁩ ⁦@Rickthevic22⁩ ... See more

March 31, 2020

What a team! 🔥

We can't meet in person, but thanks to Zoom, church leaders across the city still connected today - to discuss what God is saying, how to support the most vulnerable and really ... See more

March 23, 2020
Mary's Song: Lighting a Candle in the Window

We are in dark times. Will you stand with brothers and sisters across this nation, refusing to allow your hope to be suffocated by despair?

Will you be a carrier of God's promises?

Will you be a ... See more

March 22, 2020
Photos from Herefordshire Houses of Prayer's post

Candles of hope lit in our city and county, in solidarity with Christians across the nation... We stand strong together against fear, and against this common enemy of COVID-19, with the hope of ... See more

March 22, 2020

Lighting a candle of hope in our windows tonight as Christians across the nation have been doing... 🔥

Send along your candle in the window photos - would love to share them!

March 21, 2020


Churches Together across our whole nation are calling people to light a candle in their windows and pray at 7pm tomorrow (Sunday 22nd) as a sign that the ... See more

March 18, 2020
Photos from Herefordshire Houses of Prayer's post


On Monday last week, before we had any real idea about the chaos on the horizon, we met together as Christians from churches across the city to dream ... See more

March 17, 2020

Happy St Patrick's day everyone! ☘️

In strange and turbulent times, Christ is the unchanging rock we cling to - as the pioneering missionary St Patrick well knew... How amazing is it that Christ ... See more

March 16, 2020

Rise up O Church of Herefordshire - let's fight this crisis with our prayers! 24 hours today now all covered!

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