Building on the Momentum:

We believe God is growing in His people in Herefordshire a longing after unity in prayer, as seen by the hundreds of people really ramping up the level of prayer in this area for Thy Kingdom Come in early summer (30 May – 9 June). Inspired by this, we want to have another week of prayer in October, saturating 7-13th October with unceasing, 24/7 prayer, and loads of prayer gatherings across the city.

We have a dedicated prayer room at St Barnabas, Hereford, and are calling people to join in by taking on hour-long prayer slots. It can be on your own or in a group, and either at the room itself, or wherever you like to pray most.

We’ve also got a whole-church event – as we had at Pentecost – at St Paul’s in Hereford – 4-5pm on Sunday 13th October. Please save the date and let’s see how many Christians from all backgrounds will come together to seek our God!

Can we even imagine what God will do in response, if we truly pray?

Sign up now:

If you’d like to get involved in filling this week with prayer, just add your name to the below chart for any hour-long prayer shifts you can do. Feel free to choose a slot that’s already been taken (if it’s not booked exclusively). We’d so love to have you with us as each person is absolutely key to making this happen!

What if I’m praying elsewhere? Please consider filling this sheet in whether or not you want to pray at the prayer room or at home (or another prayer meeting) – so we can see how many people are joining in all over the city and county – which then could inspire others to join in too!

(By the way, you sign up with your name and e-mail on the below timetable. Don’t worry, your e-mail is not publicly accessible – that’s only viewable to the prayer room organisers to ensure we can get in touch. Feel free to use your initials or just your first name if you don’t want your full name.)



Any more questions?

If you’ve any questions, just fill in the form below, or e-mail Elliot at If you’re having issues with the form above, and so can’t book a slot online, write below what slot you wanted to book and we’ll put it in manually. Elliot or one of the 24/7 team shall get back to you as soon as possible by e-mail: