We are coming to the last quarter – the end of a decade. The sun of 2019, golden and hazy, is yawning and laying itself to rest. It’s what photographers call, ‘Golden Hour’ – when the sunshine adorns the trees with glorious golden hues. The sky is left with a parting gift of bright crimson red. They say, “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight!” Yet what does this next decade hold? Will these be the new “Roaring ‘20s”?

They say, “The world’s your oyster” – but what can we do when politicians play Brexit penalty shootout, the climate is in crisis, and the Church seems to be constantly on the back foot? We are as helpless as woodlice in a forest fire.

But we are not woodlice! We are royal children of the King of the universe. We are like a vine branch – utterly dependent on its vine. As Jesus declares, “apart from Me you can do nothing”. Yet with God, even Mount Everest could not stand in our way.

To pray is to plug yourself into an infinite source of power. It’s to come before the One who is the King of the universe, yet who has adopted us as His children and beckoned to cry out for Him to move. In prayer we are handed a weapon, a channel of the very might of the Creator God, that can transform our nation. Hear His promise for revival in our dry and weary land: “I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground” (Isaiah 44:3).

But after the sunset, the glorious beauty of that ruddy sky, comes the night. And today we might feel wearied by promises of decades past – and still we don’t see them come to fruition. It’s easy to feel the night will never end. Imagine a person who’s only ever lived in midnight – would they not laugh at the idea of the whole sky being filled once again with light?

Look to the east! A faint glow of hope is beginning to stir on the horizon. Let us not lose heart – the fulfilment of God’s promise is sure as the dawn. Let our hearts not accuse God of being a promise-breaker! Soon the east will be beautified by another red sky – the red sky of warning. Rain is coming! The rain of the Holy Spirit is coming soon…

God promises to send the Holy Spirit on those who ask – so let us pray! As the sun sets on this decade – in the ‘Golden Hour’ just before dusk – churches across this city and county are rallying together to seek God with all our hearts. Come surf this wave of prayer with us, and watch the strongholds of darkness fall like sandcastles!

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