Sign up for a prayer slot on the rota:

We’re looking for people to fill this whole time with prayer, so please feel free to put yourself, and any friends who would like to come too, on this rota on Google Sheets, that’s editable by anyone and can be filled up as we get more and more people involved!

Feel free to sign up for a slot wherever you would prefer to pray, whether in our prayer room at St Barnabas (more information to come via e-mail on accessing this) or wherever you are – we want prayer all over the city!

To edit the sheet, please click here, and put your initials in whichever prayer room slot you would like to take.

   Go to an editable version of the rota… (Google Sheets)



What the Prayer Room Rota looks like so far:

(The below version is view-only. To edit and add to this rota, go to the live Google Sheet rota here.)