A Pentecost to Remember…



What happened for Thy Kingdom Come 2019?

We believe God is growing in His people in Herefordshire a heart for seeking Him in continual, heartfelt, prayer, for His Kingdom to come here in this city, in our nation, and throughout the world. We believe, if we heed this call to pray, God could pour out His Holy Spirit in such measure that even thousands come to know Jesus, and every aspect of society is transformed. Indeed, can we even conceive of what God would pour out here if His people sought after Him with all their hearts?

24/7 prayer is an invitation to be part of something big: locally, we’re seeking a community of followers of Jesus who seek to go all-out in prayer, filling 24 hours a day with prayer by everyone taking a part each. Globally, it’s part of a movement all over the world, with thousands of prayer rooms active right this second, seeking God’s Spirit just as we are. Could we have this sort of prayer here in the city of Hereford?


What next?
The Fire and the Detonation…

Imagine a campfire, blazing with embers flying high into the sky. Then imagine people, each carrying torches upto the flame, laying them in the bright orange glow. Imagine them taking these lit torches to their own fires. In this way hundreds of fires can be lit from one simple campfire.

This 10-day time of 24/7 prayer was not the end. It finished at Pentecost – the birthplace of the Church, the greatest movement in all of human history. In the same way, we want this time of prayer to fan into flame fires of prayer all over this city and this county… In this way, this time of prayer sought to be just like a lit fuse, burning with a spark, yet detonating an explosion!


When did this happen?

As part of dedicating ourselves to seeking God in continual prayer, we ran a 24/7 prayer room at Oasis Church’s St Barnabas Centre between Ascension Day (30 May) and Pentecost (9 June) – which is the time of the nationwide “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer movement. We wanted to fill it with prayer for this entire time period – a challenge, but one thousands of other cities just like ours have achieved. We also called for people to pray during this time, wherever they were, if they couldn’t make it to the room – we wanted to saturate this city!


Where was the prayer room?

We had an upstairs room with a view over the city at St Barnabas, 5 Venns Ln, Hereford HR1 1DT, which is accessible 24 hours a day, and is a flat, so has a toilet and tea/coffee making facilities, which people could use for free!


Did people have to go to the prayer room?

Of course not! The prayer room can be a great tool and a place for people to meet God – but of course God hears prayer everywhere! We encouraged people who couldn’t make it here physically to pray with us wherever they were! For instance, there were many other prayer meetings in churches across the city during this time which people all over the city connected in with.


Prayer Meetings in Churches Across Hereford

Alongside the prayer room, from Ascension to Pentecost we sought to follow the example of the first disciples by gathering together across the city to seek God’s will for His people here. Churches of all kinds got involved and opened up their prayer meetings to anyone who wanted to come. We sought for people to go to churches and meet brothers and sisters in Christ they’ve never met before in this city.

See below to show the prayer meetings that were organised:



The Prayer Timetable for the week:

Here’s an overview of just some of the people who were praying as part of the 24/7 prayer movement during these 10 days, not to mention those who came to the various meetings, the Pentecost whole-church gathering, or groups that used the room. It was so exciting to watch so many slots get filled… and we’re looking for what God will pour out next!