“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!”
(Phil 4:4)

Thought for the day:

What an invitation: “Rejoice!” This is God’s desire for us – to be filled with joy. Here it is stated, incredibly, as a command – as though it said, “Thou shalt rejoice!” In case we didn’t hear the first time, it’s repeated twice! Joy is what God created us as human beings to long for. And what God commands, He also enables us to fulfill. And where can we find this? “Rejoice in the Lord…” Those three beautiful words, “in the Lord”. God’s eternal calling for His people is to find joy, eternal, everlasting, resplendent, glorious, and to find it in Him! This is love! That God would desire us to find all our joy in loving Him!

Today’s prayer:

O Lord, we are delighted in this invitation, we are amazed by Your will. O infinitely lovable One, O fountain of all joy and delightfulness, make me to rejoice in You always! For this is the transcendent height of all bliss – and You are so infinitely worthy of this! For our Lord’s sake, Amen.